7 Tips to Decorate with Wall Arts
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7 Tips to Decorate with Wall Arts

1. Make sure that the size and shape of your art match the shape of your wall.

Wall Art: Long Neck Turtle

The first step in how to decorate with wall art is choosing the size and shape. Many people choose art too large or small for their space. While big pieces of artwork can be intimidating, they can add depth to a room. Make sure that the size and shape of your art match the shape of your wall. To avoid making holes in your walls, consider purchasing adhesive removable mounting tabs. You can also consider using a hanger with a jigsaw puzzle design.

2. Choose the style and colour of the wall art

Wall Art: Pink Coffee

Usually, a piece of wall decor should be about two to four feet wide. It should change the mood of the room. Some art experts recommend that the width of the piece of artwork be 70% of the width of the furniture. A series of smaller framed pieces can create a collage effect. You can even hang larger pieces of artwork over the top of furniture.

3. Choose a piece that reflects the overall colour scheme of the room.

Wall Art: Pastel Donut

Once you have chosen the theme of your room, select a painting or sculpture. You should choose a piece that reflects the overall colour scheme of the room. If you want to use a bold colour, make sure to translate that into your wall art. However, if you want to go for something different, it is best to consider complementary colours such as orange and yellow. This is one of the few times you can use bold colours without compromising on taste.

4. Size is important! 

Wall Art: Rolling Mountain Set of 3

Always remember that the length of the artwork must be the same as the width of the furniture. For example, if you are decorating with large canvas wall art, make sure that you keep the size in mind. You don't want your walls to look like a gallery! The art must compliment the other pieces in the room.

5. When selecting the right type of wall art, make sure that the pieces are suited for the room.

Wall Art: Arctic Adventure Seal

Start with a big, bold piece

Wall Art: Kangaroo Aboriginal Wall Art

and then move down to smaller ones.

Wall Arts: Minimalist Arts Botanical Wall Art Gallery

When it comes to size, it's best to start with the bigger pieces and then work your way to the smaller ones. For example, a single large piece of art can easily dominate a room, while several smaller, supporting pieces can help the other artwork stand out.

6. Choose a contrasting palette for a more eclectic look.

Wall Art: Fuchsin Bird

A neutral home, for example, can have darker terracotta colours or brighter greens. Then, you can introduce a statement piece through a painting. For instance, you can bring out the color of the painting in the living room by placing an olive-green sofa next to it. If you are looking for a more subtle way to decorate with wall art, you can opt for a contrasting palette or mix and match the colours.

Wall Art: Koala Aboriginal Wall Art

If you have a large collection of wall art, you should hang it as a single piece. You don't want it to be too large or too small. In general, you should choose pieces that are two-thirds the size of your furniture. When hanging multiple pieces of artwork, you should place the heavier ones at the bottom left and the lighter ones on the upper right. Taking into consideration the size of your space will help you choose the correct art and style.

7. Hang a gallery style arts if you have a big space on your wall

If you have a large wall in your home, you should put up a display of colourful wall art. For example, you can hang up a gallery-style canvas. In addition to the photos, you can also hang first-class frames and frame your photos. There are many options for both styles and shapes. When it comes to choosing a piece of artwork, you should consider the size of the room. If you have a large blank space, consider using a gallery style.

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